Ep. 11: A King Among Monsters

To celebrate the cinematic return of the great ape, we’re broadcasting directly from the mysterious Skull Island! From there we discuss all things King Kong including what we know of his new adventure Kong: Skull Island. But King Kong isn’t the only frightening wonder on our list. We unwrap Universal Studio’s The Mummy,  mourn the death of Jason Vorhees, celebrate the return of The Boogeyman, and predict the future of the Horror genre. It’s an episode so large and monstrous that Carl Denham would want to display us in New York! It’s new! It’s terrifying! It’s Alive!

You can download this episode by right clicking here.



  1. Reblogged this on The Graveyard Machine and commented:
    We are back! Man, does it feel good to record and release a fresh episode of It’s Alive Horror Podcast. This time around we record live on the cursed Skull Island. On this most monstrous island we talk Kong: Skull island, Halloween, and the cancelled Friday the 13th!

    I hope you enjoy big number 11!


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