The Twilight Zone Cafe

In this special episode of It’s Alive!, Chris and Eric grab some coffee in the dimension of imagination. We sit down and discuss the impact Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone has had on television and modern culture. We also put on our intellectual caps and examine the themes in 2 of the best written episodes and how they relate today. So find your middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, as the It’s Alive! Podcast delves deep into the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.

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EP. 20: Van Helsing Revisited

Its been 14 years since we’ve stepped into the Gothic world of Universal’s Van Helsing but tonight we take a journey back to Transylvania and see if the trip was as fun as we remembered. We also make a quick stop in Haddonfield to see what The Shape has been up to for his long awaited October return. So gather your silver bullets, sharpen your wooden stakes, and tidy up the laboratory because tonight we face the classic monsters for some fear and fun.

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Shock Sessions: Origin of Ouija

Between the dark days of our regular episodes come Shock Sessions: Brief horror related topics individually produced and presented by our horrific hosts.


The Ouija Board: overpriced superstitious piece of cardboard or multidimensional demonic communication device? Chris examines the history and mystery of this famed piece of supernatural memorabilia.  Despite developing a negative reputation, having a confusing name, and being well over 100 years old,  we examine why it’s still successful and still sold…in the toy aisle. 

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Ep. 19: Bidding On Horror

On tonight’s show we go to a mysterious cursed region from everywhere yet nowhere in which your wildest desires or deepest fears are offered for a price: eBay. And while we’re there, we find 6 of the most interesting, ridiculous, or downright creepy oddities to be listed in the horror genre. Can you put a price on the macabre? Or a dollar sign on a poltergeist? Let’s find out.  So hide your credit card, log out of your Paypal account, and listen closely as we find out that horror indeed has a price….and it’s name isn’t Vincent.

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Ep. 18: Fortune and Gory

Happy 2018!

On tonights show we leave the crypt, board our biplane, and venture into the dark tombs, temples, and jungles of the Indiana Jones Saga! We search for frightening fortune and gory glory throughout the classic franchise! But we also uncover a dark secret buried deep within the treasure ridden tunnels of film history: is Indiana Jones the most violent serial killer in modern cinema? A body count never lies. So join us as we fasten our fedoras and uncover the face melting creepy crawling horror to be discovered in this episode of It’s Alive! Just remember to stay out of the light and don’t touch anything!

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