Ep. 17: Return To Horror In The Aisles (Flu Edition)


We here at The Crypt are powered by candy corn and glow-in-the-dark skeletons, but when the deadly flu seeps into our systems you would think it would have us at death’s door. Unfortunately , this flu decided to pick Halloween to invade and we’re not going down without a fight. So tonight we’re back finding horror in the aisles! This time we head to a store that became a morbid mecca to many little monsters: Toys R Us! What ghoulish goodies and fiendish finds does this nostalgic remnant have in store for us? Tonight is the most special night of the year for our kind. So in between the ringing doorbells of trick or treaters or during the drive to your fearsome festivities, turn us up to show your fandom fondly. After all the It’s Alive! Podcast is here to make your Halloween sweeter than any fun size candy possibly can.

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EP. 16: Horror In The Aisles

A chill in the midnight air begins to turn summer leaves into that familiar orange palette. Which could only mean one thing: Halloween approaches! On tonight’s show we learn that Halloween can be found even in the simplest location: Your local grocery store. We discuss candy, masks, monsters, and pumpkins all strung together by classic Halloween commercials to get you into that monster mood. So turn us up as you decorate your abode and plan your fearsome festivities. Just remember you bring the tricks and we’ll promise to bring the treats.

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Shock Session: Deadly Candy

Between the dark days of our regular episodes come Shock Sessions: Brief horror related topics individually produced and presented by our horrific hosts Chris or Eric.


Two things that often get buried: Facts and Bodies.

Halloween is that special time of year where fear is something to behold, but it’s supposed to be through plastic skeletons, severed latex limbs, and ghost stories to tell in the dark. Not through the treats that come with tricking. Tales of black-hearted madmen doling out poisoned Halloween candy to unsuspecting little tikes have been around for decades. So let’s dig deeper into the legend, the threat that comes with it, and find out if we’ve sanitized Halloween for safety because of a “danger” that’s as transparent as the ghost on your front lawn.

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Ep. 15: Sink or Float

It’s an unusually stormy September night here at the crypt. And with that, we take advantage of the atmosphere by paying an early visit to a certain killer clown. With an advanced screening of Stephen King’s It fresh in our skulls we discuss if one of the most anticipated horror films of the year sinks or floats. Not only that, but we also share a brief history of Maxx Fx: one of the lesser known horror collectables that died before it was born. So remember to bundle up in your best raincoat and keep away from your nearest drains as the It’s Alive! Podcast once again broadcasts from beyond the grave!

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Ep. 14: Flashback Weekend 2017

As the Halloween season begins to rear it’s plump yet putrid pumpkin head, we venture back into the Crypt to discuss one of Chicago’s premiere horror conventions. But has this year’s edition lost it luster? We also play exclusive panel audio featuring the women of A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as a fantastic tell all interview with Veronica Price the daughter of the legendary Vincent Price! Then we delve into the 4K Suspiria restoration, Halloween seasongiveaways and much more. Prepare to be terrified and enlightened with this episode of It’s Alive!

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