Ep. 14: Flashback Weekend 2017

As the Halloween season begins to rear it’s plump yet putrid pumpkin head, we venture back into the Crypt to discuss one of Chicago’s premiere horror conventions. But has this year’s edition lost it luster? We also play exclusive panel audio featuring the women of A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as a fantastic tell all interview with Veronica Price the daughter of the legendary Vincent Price! Then we delve into the 4K Suspiria restoration, Halloween seasongiveaways and much more. Prepare to be terrified and enlightened with this episode of It’s Alive!

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Shock Session: The Sacramento Vampire

Between the dark days of our regular episodes come Shock Sessions: Brief horror related topics individually produced and presented by our horrific hosts Chris or Eric. 


The vampire. One of horror’s most popular subjects. What draws so many people to its vast mythology? The fantasy? The violence? The romance? Whatever makes the tales of the vampire so engaging may not simply be one answer but it’s clear that it makes for great fiction.

But what happens if, in some cases, it isn’t fiction?

There was a time that Sacramento, California believed that a vampire lived amongst them. And we look back at the shocking details on the chilling crimes that this monster committed.

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Ep. 13: Fear Is A Funny Thing

You just never know where you’ll find it. That’s why on tonights episode you’ll enter the dark recess of our minds as we discuss 8 of the horrors found in the places you’d least expect to find them. We also touch on the rebranding Universal’s Classic Monsters and the inevitable return of The Shape: Michael Myers. So relax your comfy corpse and prepare your eerie ears for your journey into the boundless realm of our spooky sounds. Thirteen may be unlucky for some but we assure you…lady luck is on your side.

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Ep. 12: Tantalizing Toxic Tunage

We’re back from our mysterious layover on Skull Island and with us we bring a review of the great ape himself with Kong: Skull Island! Meanwhile Toho’s Godzilla Resurgence leaves us baffled in his destruction. And for our main course we dig deep into our nostalgic crypt of horror pop culture and crack open a casket of mutilated music for your ears to feast on. Dare you listen do our fiendish finds? The night is still young. Plug in. Tune out. Rest your pretty corpse to the dulcet tones of our brand new endeavor. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Ep. 11: A King Among Monsters

To celebrate the cinematic return of the great ape, we’re broadcasting directly from the mysterious Skull Island! From there we discuss all things King Kong including what we know of his new adventure Kong: Skull Island. But King Kong isn’t the only frightening wonder on our list. We unwrap Universal Studio’s The Mummy,  mourn the death of Jason Vorhees, celebrate the return of The Boogeyman, and predict the future of the Horror genre. It’s an episode so large and monstrous that Carl Denham would want to display us in New York! It’s new! It’s terrifying! It’s Alive!

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