Ep. 19: Bidding On Horror

On tonight’s show we go to a mysterious cursed region from everywhere yet nowhere in which your wildest desires or deepest fears are offered for a price: eBay. And while we’re there, we find 6 of the most interesting, ridiculous, or downright creepy oddities to be listed in the horror genre. Can you put a price on the macabre? Or a dollar sign on a poltergeist? Let’s find out.  So hide your credit card, log out of your Paypal account, and listen closely as we find out that horror indeed has a price….and it’s name isn’t Vincent.

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Ep. 18: Fortune and Gory

Happy 2018!

On tonights show we leave the crypt, board our biplane, and venture into the dark tombs, temples, and jungles of the Indiana Jones Saga! We search for frightening fortune and gory glory throughout the classic franchise! But we also uncover a dark secret buried deep within the treasure ridden tunnels of film history: is Indiana Jones the most violent serial killer in modern cinema? A body count never lies. So join us as we fasten our fedoras and uncover the face melting creepy crawling horror to be discovered in this episode of It’s Alive! Just remember to stay out of the light and don’t touch anything!

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Shock Session: Know Your Ghouls

Between the dark days of our regular episodes come Shock Sessions: Brief horror related topics individually produced and presented by our horrific hosts Chris or Eric.


We here at the It’s Alive! Podcast discuss a lot of terrorizing topics. Whether it’s movies, monsters, masks, or maniacs we love a good creepy conversation.  But why do we personally love horror? Where did this obsession start? Join us for this candid and personal conversation discussing our love-at-first-sight moments with the genre, why we do a podcast, and everything in-between. Featuring a haunted polar bear.

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Ep. 17: Return To Horror In The Aisles (Flu Edition)


We here at The Crypt are powered by candy corn and glow-in-the-dark skeletons, but when the deadly flu seeps into our systems you would think it would have us at death’s door. Unfortunately , this flu decided to pick Halloween to invade and we’re not going down without a fight. So tonight we’re back finding horror in the aisles! This time we head to a store that became a morbid mecca to many little monsters: Toys R Us! What ghoulish goodies and fiendish finds does this nostalgic remnant have in store for us? Tonight is the most special night of the year for our kind. So in between the ringing doorbells of trick or treaters or during the drive to your fearsome festivities, turn us up to show your fandom fondly. After all the It’s Alive! Podcast is here to make your Halloween sweeter than any fun size candy possibly can.

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