Ep. 27: We Come Home

Just when you thought the terror was over , the power of the Halloween season reanimates our cold lifeless corpses as the It’s Alive! Podcast returns to the airwaves to haunt your ears once again!

For tonight’s experiment , we lay the body of Michael Myers on the slab and examine the Halloween franchise. Not necessarily where it’s been, but where it’s going. With Halloween Kills being pushed to next season, we take a stab at steering The Shape in the right direction by pitching our own Halloween movies! Is the remains of Michael Myers salvageable? Find out by listening below! Evil has come to your little ears…

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Ep.6: Days Of Halloween Past

Tonight we cook up a batch of nostalgic brew from our cauldron of history. What are some of your favorite personal memories of the Halloween season? We discuss costumes, tricking, treating, Booberry and so much more. We’re powering up the lab and playing Dr. Frankenstein  to discuss what we’d bring back to life this Halloween season! Plus we take a brief walk down Elm Street with recasting rumors that brings us nightmares. Don’t go out tonight. It’s spooky out there. Stay in and listen to us talk about old Halloween things.

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EP. 5: Flashback Weekend 2016

As the Halloween season begins to rear it’s pumpkin head, we venture back into the Crypt to discuss one of Chicago’s premiere horror conventions. We play exclusive panel audio featuring the father of Phantasm: Don Coscarelli, as well as an interview with Malcolm Mcdowell and the cast of Rob Zombie’s 31. We also give our thoughts on Flashback Weekend and delve into what makes a Halloween party so frighteningly grand. Prepare to be terrified and enlightened with this episode of It’s Alive!

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Ep. 4: Brimming With Fear

Tonight we pop open a cavalcade of caskets bursting with horrid horror goodness! John Carpenter thinks horror needs a reboot, Pennywise and Pinhead pay us a visit, The Universal Mummy and Frankenstein reveal themselves, We spend Christmas with Krampus, Turn the “Lights Out”, and head into the woods in search of The Blair Witch! All on the eve of Chicago’s biggest horror convention. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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Ep. 3: Summer Gets Deadly

We’re back in the crypt for a scoldingly scary summer special. What horror films put you into a summer mood? We have a few we’re willing to share. Plus we prove that we ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Is it just us or is The Rock getting hairy? We also measure up the new King Kong, Romero’s legacy, struggle to “Stay Alive” and more. Turn off the lights. Turn up the volume. We’re not here to hurt you…we swear.

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