Ep. 28: The Great Halloween Hunt

Boo! It’s our first annual Great Halloween Hunt! Our creepy cohosts, Chris and Eric, compete in the ultimate Halloween scavenger hunt to crown the Supreme Leader of Halloween! Listen as they rip open a fresh bag of gruesome goodies covering everything from spooky board games and horrible masks to dead websites and real vampire hunters! Who will come out victorious? Our listeners! But, seriously, play if you dare as we power up the lab and broadcast from beyond the grave!

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Shock Session: Horror Headlines Issue 1

Between the dark days of our regular episodes come Shock Sessions: Brief horror related topics individually produced and presented by our horrific hosts.


Eric fires up the Google Machine to find enticing headlines in all things horror! From Sid Haig and haunted wheelchairs to Pennywise cups and Freddy Krueger, Eric digs up a fresh plot of horror news that’ll have to begging for your life. So take a sip of your favorite hot tea and cuddle up in your comfiest fall blanket because It’s Alive! is back to moisten your ear holes.

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